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We are simply the best Atlanta family-owned piano moving company offers piano moving services in the Atlanta, Georgia area to cover our customers’ basic and advanced piano moving needs. 

At MEZZO Piano Movers Atlanta, we have a team of experienced piano movers who will follow the best piano moving practices. They are experts in moving bulky and heavy pianos from your old location to the new site. Remember that pianos are delicate, sentimental, and expensive, so you want to ensure that your piano should get protected at all costs.

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When it comes to piano moving, Atlanta, GA area residents love that our team puts their best effort into keeping customer`s pianos in top-notch condition throughout the process. To ensure that the piano gets relocated easily, we use proper equipment to pack it specifically to avoid scrapes and bumps. It is one of the many essential tasks our piano movers complete during the process. 

Our team has the required tools to complete the move seamlessly. After removing the lyre of your piano, lid, and hinges, we work on wrapping the piano parts in blankets:


  1. We lay two blankets over the piano board.
  2. While two of our piano movers lift the piano, our third piano mover separates the rear and left piano legs.
  3. Then we securely finish protecting the piano.
  4. Finally, our piano movers pack other components such as a piano board and other add-ons and then load them onto the piano dolly.


To learn more about the process and receive a free quote, please call us today or fill out the form! 

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How Does Piano Moving Works?

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Pianos are large yet fragile instruments that need special care when being moved. For that, you need to hire professional piano movers. Piano movers in Atlanta have years of experience in proper piano moving techniques and strategies. If you’re worried about the cost, fret not. You can get a quote quickly and easily. There is no room for error or mishandling when transporting these large instruments, so you’ll want to hire the best. 


We follow strict guidelines that ensure that we will handle any piano we move with the utmost care. When you have to choose how to move your piano, piano moving Atlanta is the best choice for piano moving services. MEZZO Piano Movers Atlanta is the top choice for relocating pianos in Atlanta because we are the most cost-effective option, and we provide top-notch service.


Piano movers Atlanta is highly recommended when moving your piano from one location to another. We are a professional business that makes delivering and moving pianos for personal or commercial piano owners easy. Piano Moving Atlanta will move any size piano safely and efficiently without risking damage to your instrument. Call us for a quote today!

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When you need your piano moved around the Atlanta area, we recommend picking a date and booking MEZZO Piano Movers in Atlanta. We are a team of professional movers who have worked in this field for years, and our team is here to help you get your piano relocated.


Pianos are expensive and valuable art pieces, and no one wants to deal with a damaged piano. However, you may have to rent a truck and other equipment to get your piano transported without hiring professional companies, which can be a hassle.


A reliable and professional moving company like ours has the necessary means to transit your piano easily. We are well equipped with trucks, packing supplies, and other materials to transport your piano safely. We are professionals, and we always use job-specific supplies to ensure that your piano gets moved on the booked date safely.  

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We never subcontract out any of our moves, so you can rest assured that you will receive top-quality service when you work with us. When it’s time to hire professional Atlanta piano movers, we’re here to handle all of your moving needs; give us a call and find out for yourself how affordable our services are. Then, you can sit back and relax as our delivery will always be on time. 


We hold ourselves to high standards when moving your treasured instrument. In addition, we provide wooden crating and customized spaces. 

Moving a piano is not a simple task; it requires more than a simple act of muscles and strength. This task requires focused training and the right tools to avoid issues during the process. So, if you are looking for the best piano moving company in Atlanta, look no further. Give us a call today to learn more about our services – and after you have received them, please leave us a review!  

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When it comes to piano moving, Atlanta, Georgia area residents love that our team puts their best effort to keep their pianos in top-notch condition throughout the process. To ensure that the piano has got to the place quickly, we pack it specifically to avoid scrapes and bumps. It is one of the essential tasks for our piano movers. 


Our team has the required tools to complete the move seamlessly. After removing the lyre of your piano, lid, and hinges, we work on wrapping the piano parts in blankets. First, we lay two blankets over the piano board. Next, while two of our piano movers lift the piano, our third mover separates the rear and left piano legs. After taking off the remaining portions, we begin to pack the other components. Then we place the pieces onto the piano dolly along with a piano board and other add-ons.

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Baby grand pianos are one of the most popular types of pianos. They come between the ranges of 5′ And 5’5″. Baby grand pianos came in demand because parlor grand and concert grands were huge for typical households. People thought twice before purchasing these two options, and thus baby grand pianos became the popular choice. The baby grand pianos are unique as it has strings attached vertically. In addition, the frames in these pianos are thin and possess better compactness, making them an excellent choice for home use.

The baby grand and grand pianos are not similar even though they are similar. Piano manufacturers categorize these types of piano into three varieties: the baby grand, grand, and concert grand. The main difference with other pianos is that the baby grand pianos are smaller in length. Thus, there are sharper overtones and less volume by opting for a baby grand piano. The musical sound has been a popular addition to the piano lineup ever since.

If you have this beautiful instrument, our expert movers can move it! They are pretty used to moving baby grand pianos, so transporting yours from an old house to a new house is a piece of cake for them, and you will be sure that your piano will get to the place just in excellent condition. So for the best professional piano movers in Atlanta, please give us a call today!

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Professional venues and indie music festivals all around the globe have always been using Concert grand pianos. Even though a more prominent piano doesn’t mean a better one, a concert piano has the most powerful and most resonant sound of all pianos available in the market. That’s why we can see them mostly in professional venues with grand halls and huge auditoriums. 


This piano’s length ranges from 7-10 ft, and it is the most significant piano type. These pianos’ designs match the concert settings to get in line with the orchestra. The size plays a key factor, as the sound that it makes can match the orchestra’s volume. Unfortunately, this beautiful piano is large, so hence relocating one mandates professional assistance.


The concert piano has longer strings. However, it has a lower inharmonicity that gives it a superior sound. This majestic musical instrument is a favorite choice for all world-class pianists. 

Such pianos require careful practice for relocating them from one place to the other. In that way, our Atlanta piano mover team plays a tremendous role in safe transportation. We know the value of this massive instrument and its importance, so we go the extra mile to move the concert piano safely. 


We employ highly qualified piano moving coordinators and foremen who will take complete responsibility for transporting the piano carefully. So if you have a grand piano that needs moving, please give us a call today! 

If you’ve ever studied music at a school, college, or university or have ever had a music teacher, and then you know much about this instrument. It has a vertical string alignment that makes it much more compact than a grand piano, and at the same time, the instrument’s sound doesn’t have to compromise at all. A “twangy” sound is more typical with upright pianos. 


Upright pianos need careful handling during relocation and transportation, best accomplished with our professional piano movers in Atlanta, GA. Our professionals will take complete responsibility from the start until the end of relocating the instrument with the utmost care.

Upright pianos with more than 50 inches in height are called professional upright pianos. Professional uprights resemble the grand as they sometimes have the same string length and, therefore, a similar sound. In addition, the 36″ to 60″ takes up minimal space, so they are compact. 


These pianos almost resemble three-legged behemoths. The excellent lid opens wide for intricate machinations. Inside, you will find flat soundboards that hold hammers and strings. This musical instrument has the look of a square box with keys coming up from the pack. 

The plate of strings and soundboard in the upright pianos run vertically but perpendicular to the keyboard. Such sophisticated and imperative instruments are valuable and therefore need careful relocation. 

Partner with our professional piano movers in Atlanta, GA, to guarantee the safety of your beloved instrument piano. 

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Spinets stand high from 35 to 40 inches. These vertical pianos contain a hammer mechanism found below the key levels. The spinet was invented in the 1930s to meet the consumer’s demands for a shorter and more compact piano. Unfortunately, the key-and-hammer mechanisms in spinets work below average compared to other instruments. 


In a spinet, the hammers and keys are linked. This complexity makes repairs and adjustments difficult and very expensive. In addition, spinets require careful relocation, which is not a problem with our piano moving experts! 

The small size of the spinets leads to a deterioration in their tonality. The manufacturing of spinets has stopped; only the older ones are still on the used-piano market. The spinet is the best choice for beginners, but they should upgrade to a better instrument. The spinet is about five feet wide and weighs nearly 300 pounds.


The spinet was a popular instrument because of its compact size and affordability. The indirect blow or drop action mechanism made it stand out from the competition. In addition, the keyboard design uses rods beneath the keys to ensure typing performance is smooth and requires less effort. This minor piano is an ideal choice for piano beginners as it is easier to play. However, moving such special spinets requires careful dismantling, which our professional piano movers in Atlanta have done a lot!

Console Piano Moving

Console pianos are more extensive pianos when compared to Spinets, ranging from 40 to around 43 inches and 58 inches wide. In addition, console pianos are known for their regular pattern of good action, which holds a giant essential linking to action. 


If you need help moving your console piano from one place to another, don’t hesitate to call us. It would be our pleasure! 

The best facet of a console piano is that it fits into any space provided. Console pianos fall under the smallest size category and are some of the most affordable pianos. These pianos can be bought in various finishes and styles and are the best version of upright pianos. 


Its central selling point is that you can get it in a wide variety of ranges. This variety is what lends the console piano its popularity as the most famous piano. The console sound is more direct because the console hammers are locked in an upright position located directly above the keys. As the hammer arrives down, a string pulls back the hammer into place for strike again, producing a more escalated tone. 


Console pianos are an excellent choice for hobbyists, pianists and a superior option for any electronic piano player these days. 

If you live in Atlanta, piano movers will safely move your console piano. We follow the best piano moving companies’ practices and our professionals have years of experience in piano moving. So give us a call today to book us to move your console piano!

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Whether you need to transport your piano local or move it long-distance Atlanta MEZZO Piano Movers the best choice

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Bussines & Residental Specialized Service

We value each of our customers by providing a professional piano transportation service to both commercial and residential clients

Professional service for business and residental piano transportation
Hassle-Free Service

Easy as pie piano moving service. As above mentioned, transportation service with our company done in 3 simple steps

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Safe & Sound Piano Transportation

The main point in our work it’s the safe delivery of your piano. Trust us! Our experienced movers know how to relocate your piano from point A to point B without any scratches or damages

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Special Piano Moving Protection

Your piano will be moved in special protection material designed especially for piano shipping to avoid any possible damages, for the safest transportation

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We are a certified family-owned piano moving company based in Atlanta, where we serve the residents of Atlanta and its surrounding neighborhoods. We take great pride in our work since we know how vital your piano is. We are happy to provide free quotes regarding transferring a piano to your home, work premises, or other location. So call or email our team today to hire our Atlanta piano movers! We offer trustworthy services to each of our clients. We’ll help alleviate the stress of moving for you. Our professionals will make sure that everything goes well. We understand your piano’s worth and sentimental value, so we will ensure that your piano is brought precisely to its new location in the exact condition as when it left. We are transporting pianos regionally and all over the US. We can provide you with a free quote today! For an estimate regarding the cost of moving pianos in Atlanta, Georgia, contact us now.

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MEZZO Piano Movers just amazing! The best price for a such professional service. Would use them next time!
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I was so impressed by their service, great guys, they know how to do their job. If I need to move my piano again I'll call you because MEZZO Piano Movers are the BEST!
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Faith J. Allison
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I would put them 10 stars out of 5 if I only could. I was needed to move my piano the same day, because was leaving Atlanta. And I cannot imagine than this guys will load my piano on in a 4 hours. The best ASAP service I've ever seen!


Yes, MEZZO Piano Movers Atlanta is fully insured. The services we provide are completely secure and reliable. Once you hire us to move your piano, we can assure you that you’ll be free of all worries. Even if some mishandling happens during the moving procedure, we’ll take all the responsibility. Our team is highly experienced and trustworthy to work with.

We recommend having your piano moved by Forte Piano Movers Atlanta, a good option in the market for consumers who want good quality service and a reasonable price. We will offer you the safest and best piano moving services. For further information, feel free to reach out today!

Yes, we will protect your piano. A reliable and professional piano moving company like ours has the necessary means to transport your piano easily. We are well equipped with trucks, packing supplies, and any other materials needed. The professionals in our team always use the necessary tools and material to ensure that your piano correctly gets to the right place. 

Our professional piano movers have a lot of expertise when it comes to relocating pianos. This expertise has culminated in a level of skill and dedication that is unrivaled in Atlanta, Georgia. We’ve gladly served Atlanta residents and assisted them in moving their pianos safely. We follow strict protocols to ensure the safe movement of the piano. In addition, we’ll cover and secure your piano for safeguarding and transportation.

Yes, FORTE Piano Movers Atlanta is a very affordable company for piano moving services in and around Atlanta and neighboring places. Residents in Atlanta appreciate how affordable our piano moving services are. We are one of the best companies in Atlanta for piano moving services because of our high-quality services and customer-centric emphasis. Our professional piano movers in Atlanta cost much less than others, but the quality is much higher!

Our charges are worth our offers. Our professionals are highly qualified in what they do and will do a great job. We also have the necessary tools and vehicles required to move your piano safely from one location to the other. Contact our professionals any time to get a free quote for the services. To learn more about our piano movers Atlanta cost, feel free to give us a call today!

Yes, Our team has the required tools to move this instrument on long distances seamlessly. We have trucks that can transport your piano over long distances quickly. While moving your piano, our team members will stay in touch with you the whole time. We will efficiently deliver your piano as it is at the desired time and location.

It isn’t easy to transport such a significant piano long distance. For those who haven’t done it before, it isn’t an easy undertaking. Thus, we would suggest hiring our professionals who will get the job done efficiently and quickly.

MEZZO Piano Movers Atlanta does not provide piano storage, but it does offer the efficient long-distance movement of your pianos. Moreover, once you hire us for your piano moving service, you can sit back and relax while our professionals do the work for you. As a result, we are the most preferred professional piano movers in Atlanta.

To avoid various hazards and ensure a smooth process when moving a piano, you must follow specific rules that our team learned with time and experience. Our team of experts knows how to accomplish it correctly and has the necessary equipment to do so.

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